• Do you need to protect your mortgage? If it would cause you hardship were you unable to pay your mortgage for any reason, then your answer will be ‘yes’. If you’re unsure, consider what would happen if you had an unexpected prolonged illness or were made redundant. Would you be able to cover your mortgage costs to keep your home? If you have a joint mortgage and one of you dies, will there be enough income to meet the mortgage payments, living costs etc. and still provide for your family?

    At Fortis we arrange the most appropriate insurance cover for your needs to ensure peace of mind and financial support if the unforeseen happens.

    The products we can advise on include:

    • Property insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Critical illness cover
    • Mortgage payment protection
    • Income protection

    It’s a comprehensive list and can be confusing; a process that’s much easier to navigate with an expert to assess what you actually need, and that’s what we do. By talking through your unique situation and explaining the various options in layman’s terms we can help you decide what will give you peace of mind.

    Call us now for a no obligation consultation and quote. We can arrange insurance cover even if your mortgage is arranged through another company.


    Property Insurance

    Are you buying a new home, remortgaging or renewing your existing policy and wanting to find the right deal? It can be a time consuming process to make sure you’ve checked all the possibilities and not missed any fine print that could leave you with something different to what you wanted.

    We take the worry out of finding the right insurance using our years of experience and knowledge to find you the right policy.

    Did you know that it’s compulsory to have buildings’ insurance if you have a mortgage? And that it should start on the day you sign your contract, not when you move in? We advise you at every step of the process to ensure you’re covered in the way to suit your situation.

    There are different insurance policies if your home is leasehold or if you have a buy-to-let property so it’s important you’re aware of the variations and how this will affect the policy you have in the event of claim.

    Do you need contents insurance? And are you sure you’ve covered everything you need to? Again, insurance policies differ whether you have a buy-to-live or buy-to-let property. If you’re living at the property, you’ll want to ensure that everything that has a value to you is covered. If you have tenants at your property, you may need insurance for furniture and white goods, legal cover and rental guarantee should you have problems with a tenant.

    We ensure you’re aware of all the facts so that you can make the right choice.

    Call us now or request a call back to discuss your insurance requirements.

  • Life Insurance

    Do you have dependants that would be adversely affected if the mortgage could not be paid in the event of your death?

    This is one of the main reasons that people take out life insurance; to ensure that loved ones can maintain their current standard of living and do not fall into financial hardship at what would already be a difficult time.

    There are 3 areas of cover to consider:

    • Decreasing Term Insurance pays a lump sum if you die during the term of the policy. The amount paid reduces during the policy term and is often used as a cost effective way to protect a repayment mortgage where the mortgage balance is reducing. It can also be used where your need for high levels of insurance decrease and certain liabilities no longer exist such as education and childcare costs.
    • Level Term Insurance pays out a guaranteed assured sum of money if you die during the term of the policy. You know what amount will be paid if a claim is necessary.
    • Family Income Benefit provides a regular cash income for beneficiaries rather than a lump sum.

    It’s important to explore the possibilities to ensure you have the right cover. Call us now or request a call back to see which form of insurance matches your needs.